PegAssist Insole

PegAssist Insole

PegAssist™ Insole System







The DARCO PegAssist™ Insole System features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot after surgery or when wounds are present.



PTQ Series Insole
The PTQ Series PegAssist™ Insole is designed to fit the DARCO Square-Toe MedSurg™ Shoe creating a cost-effective option for wound care and one that significantly reduces pressure postoperatively.

PQ Series Insole
The PQ Series PegAssist™ System is built around a multi-purpose removable peg insole designed to fit the HeelWedge™, OrthoWedge®, APB™ and SlimLine™.

PW Series Insole
PW Series PegAssist™ is an easy to use off the shelf product that quickly turns most standard walkers into an effective off-loading device. Affixed to the stabilizer board is a low profile molded hook strip that adheres to the walker liner to prevent shifting while walking. Fits the FX Pro™ Walker and other standard walkers.



Features and Benefits

  • Removable pegs allow for localized off-loading of wounds and ulcerations of the foot
  • Pressure reduced by as much as 60% while allowing patient to remain ambulatory.
  • Each insole has a 15mm combination Plastazote® and Multi-Foam base with a 3mm Poron® cover.
  • PORON® Cushioning cover eliminates the incidence of ring edema and edge abrasion.
  • Stabilizer board included to maintain product integrity.







Proper Assembly and Application of the PegAssist™ Off-loading Insole





PTQ Sizes

Insole for Square Toe Med-Surg Shoe (7 sizes)

Men's Size Shoe size Catalog #
Small 6-8 PTQM1
Medium 8.5 - 10 PTQM2
Large 10.5 - 12 PTQM3
X-Large 12.5 - 14 PTQM4
Women's Size Shoe size Catalog #
Small 4 - 6 PTQW1
Medium 6.5 - 8 PTQW2
Large 8.5 - 10 PTQW3




PQ Sizes

Insole for Other DARCO Square Toe Shoes  (5 sizes)

Size Women's Size Men's Size Catalog #
X-Small 4 -7 - PQ0
Small 7.5 -10 6 - 8 PQ1
Medium 10.5 - 13 8.5 - 10 PQ2
Large 13+ 10.5 - 12 PQ3
X-Large - 12.5 - 14 PQ4




PW Sizes

Fits the FX Pro™ Walker and other standard walkers (5 Sizes)

  Size Women Men Catalog #
  XS 3.5 - 6 - PW0
  S 6.5 - 9 5 - 7.5 PW1
  M 9.5 - 12 8 - 10.5 PW2
  L 12.5+ 11 - 13 PW3
  XL - 13.5+ PW4

Product Details

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